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Kinesia Training / Creative Team Coaching
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Creative Team Coaching

There are many obstacles before successful brainstorming sessions that are intended to create innovation in corporations. Among the most important of these obstacles are the shyness due to hierarchy, the inability to express the idea with fear of judgement, the individuals who dominate the group, the scarcity of ideas due to the tendency to jump onto the seemingly easiest result, the obstruction of creativity due to attempts to refute the ideas, and the flaws and deficiencies while selecting and processing the ideas.

In a successful creation process, the stages of preparation, incubation, enlightenment and development are often successive. Even if the starting point consists of tangible data, we need to go beyond the facts appearing in the process and apply to the ‘unknowns’ as well as the ‘knowns’. The function of para-consciousness is important. The person or the team needs space to unearth the unknown.

Creative Team Coaching process opens this area to the team, allowing you to take advantage of unknown facts as well as known facts. This requires certain competencies. Kinesia team with expertise from diverse fields has a wide variety of tools to stimulate different senses and different parts of the brain and to trigger creative thinking.

Creative Team Coaching is an effective way to apply creative thinking techniques within the coaching system to find bright and useful ideas and transform them into client-friendly innovation projects. Precondition of participation is that the participants have completed the stages of “formation” and “brainstorming” as a team and are familiar with the creative thinking techniques.

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