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Kinesia Training / Creative Thinking and Innovation
Yaratıcı düşünme ve inovasyon

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative thinking is a process that we can’t feel the absence if we don’t abandon our habits and break our shell. Even if you think you reached to a new dimension outside of your shell, your old habits may hold you back. It may not be possible to understand this. To understand this concept and change your aspect, you must evaluate the events and the inner workings of the system from a completely different angle.

Creative thinking is the ability to set up relationships that have not been set before, to design unthinkable cases, to put forward new ideas, products and solutions and to think by creating a new model of mindset.

Innovation is the development and commercialization of the bright idea that emerges through creative thinking by transforming it into a successful business model. Creative thinking skills is a prerequisite for innovation.

Creative thinking can be learnt to a certain extent. Although how much of it can be achieved by learning is limited with innate abilities, every human being with average intelligence level can think creatively. The only thing necessary is to learn how to acquire it and how to make this process systematic.

At Kinesia, you can acquire the personality traits of creative individuals with SkillDrama©, and you can systematize your creativity with creative thinking training, you can make your team innovate with creative team coaching, you can have innovative mindset to form a basis for innovation and reach “the state of being” with innovation coaching.