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Kinesia Training / Murat Erdin

Murat Erdin

“Murat Erdin was born on August 28, 1968, in that era of ‘68s breeze. He felt this breeze even in his cradle and he wanted his mother, Günsel Erdin, to turn on the TV. However, there was no TV in the house and TRT was established just 4 years ago.

It was black and white years. It was the radio days. It was very clear from those days that he was going to love the radio. They set up an orchestra with instruments his father bought for him and for his two brothers. Murat was playing drums. He’s still playing. He was secretly entering guest room and listening to the pop, jazz and classical music programs on TRT-3 and recording them on tapes. Broadcasting started getting in his blood. As a matter of fact, the school he preferred after Pertevniyal High School was Istanbul University, the Faculty of Communication. He was visiting Unkapanı Recorders Market and buying new age, jazz, and classical music cassettes with the money he saved from his allowances. He loved this place so much that he got his master’s degree in the same university.

During his college years, he began to work and write for magazines. Then he started working for BRT Television, established by Nurettin Sözen. Television madness has started in the country when the constitution has been changed. He participated in the foundation of Turkey’s first news channel, NTV. He then worked as a producer, reporter and programmer on CNN Türk and ATV channels.

As time goes by, Murat Erdin met with radio programing as producer. The year was 2003. At Best FM, every morning he resounded with the Talking Turkey program. In 2005, he was selected as “the best radio programmer of the year” with this program and received the award from the Chairman of the Journalists Association of Turkey. Other awards followed.

Erdin continued to write in the meantime. He collected his radio interviews in a book. He wrote the socio-cultural history of the Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray derby, which is a century-old competition. More recently, he inclined towards literary areas and wrote a poetry book. He wrote many books. He keeps writing and continues to his radio programs. He now makes his voice heard in RS FM.

It was the year 2001 when he decided to share his literary acquis with his students. He started lecturing at universities. He started to give radio-TV and communication lessons in Istanbul Aydin University and then Kadir Has University. He continues his lectures at universities.

Murat Erdin loves poetry and writes poems as well. He gives conferences. Every once in a while, he takes a step onto the stage and unpretentiously tells what he has seen, heard and what he has learnt.

He is happily married with Ayşe Pelin.”

He provides training for “media management for executives”, “effective communication with poetry”, “creative thinking with poetry”.