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Kinesia Training / We Speed Up Companies’ Leadership Skills

We Speed Up Companies’ Leadership Skills

Leadership in the business world is a series of skills that we must perform on different stages every day without delay. These skills are related to habits that are shaped by our inherent characteristics, experiences and beliefs and by behavioral patterns that we learn in life.

While it is challenging enough for many people to learn leadership skills later, the information age we live in is rapidly changing the dynamics of the business world. Now the concepts that define the business world are volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This is V.U.C.A. We are trying to do business in volatile economic markets, unclear geographies and uncertain conditions, with complex systems, information and with ambiguity.

Leaders are faced with complex problems that don’t have a single answer. This new management system, which requires them to take decisions in this chaotic environment and to act quickly, reshapes leadership styles and business competencies.

The world of VUCA is full of opportunities for those who can adapt to change. It is necessary to acquire some mindsets and attitudes to embrace all these changes, to dance with uncertainty, and to achieve high innovation results that add value with the culture of “co-creation”.

It is time to break the patterns that are settled in the business world and that are no more helpful for educational or development processes, and to direct the unlimited energy potential to our goals.

Kinesia, with a series of groundbreaking kinesthetic and multi-disciplinary techniques, designed effective and entertaining development programs that will ensure your success as a manager in V.U.C.A world. You can choose what you need in our 2-day leadership training; you can support your development programs by onstage competency workshops, and you can be trained individually with the Skilldrama© technique.

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