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Kinesia Training / We Accelerate the Corporations to Develop Their Innovation Skills and Mindset

We Accelerate the Corporations to Develop Their Innovation Skills and Mindset

Techniques used in Kinesia provide lasting benefits to the training of individuals and groups, especially those who adopt “innovation” strategically. Because kinesthetic and multi-disciplinary tools of Kinesia have a very strong influence in bringing out the potential creative power of individuals and groups.

One of the most important steps in innovation is to produce marketable and applicable creative business ideas. Creativity requires thinking differently; innovation requires systematizing and transforming this way of thinking.

However, the dynamics of corporate business life are based on analytical thinking. There is only one correct answer and the goal is to achieve this answer. Analytical thinking is carried out by the left half of the brain, which is linear and mainly handles mathematics, music and language skills, and is not sufficient for innovation.

Kinesia techniques are based on Edward de Bono’s “Parallel Thinking” technique in many processes. There is not a single correct answer in this way of thinking, which allows for different perspectives, new ideas and creative solutions. It is based on that the brain is a self-organizing information mechanism. The most important feature is that the thinking process is not linear; it is used to build thoughts one upon another, accepting the whole without judgment, or recalling a new thought.

By the practices of Kinesia, which designed with the experiential learning principle, the individuals can gain characteristics of a creative person by knowing themselves better and experiencing quickly. In two of the most important innovative stages, prototype creation and computation of costumer experience subjects, they can go fast fearless of making a mistake in the most realistic scenes created by Kinesia techniques.

You can try the following Kinesia programs to speed up your innovation work for your corporation, or you can contact us for specific studies: