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Kinesia Training / Innovation Coaching
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Innovation Coaching

Innovation coaching is for entrepreneurs, managers and company owners who want to stand out with innovation.

The objective is to transform individuals to think and behave distinctively, intentionally destroying the present situation and replacing it with a brand-new invention to improve the skills of business or providing values for society.

Innovation coach, in the process of creating strong empirical and mind-provoking innovation, accompanies the client first going downhill and then uphill. Coach’s ability to listen is at the dimension of the emerging future. * In this process, which requires emotional and physical resilience and flexibility, it promotes the skill level and equipment required to create innovation by providing a space to inspire its customer.

This coaching program aims to provide competency in “conscious destructiveness” to the individual.

Acquiring required thinking strategies for innovation and innovation leadership;

  • Makes it easier for the individual to deviate from norms, to take risks to change present mind structures, perspectives, habits, paradigms and processes. Thus, it opens the door for experiments;
  • Supports the ability to adapt and flow with change, uncertainty and confusion in the process of creating innovation and thinking;
  • Involves a series of ‘being’ and ‘thinking’ states, innovative mind structures, fertility skills and practices, which allow one to think differently. Thus, one can achieve innovative results that make a difference;
  • Can develop basic associations and design thinking skills that will combine and clash different ideas, objects, services, technologies, and disciplines to create groundbreaking innovations and solve the deep-rooted problems in the world.

In the process, these steps have the potential to evolve to business innovations or social innovation initiatives that will bring commercial success. At the end of the innovation coaching process, those who want to accomplish a new business idea, can enjoy the following benefits, depending on the position they started, the pace of progress, and the number of sessions:

  • They will be able to define new business models by clarifying innovation vision;
  • They can put the vision of innovation into action by advancing its discoveries in the new business venture or existing business by quick trial and error methods;
  • They will manage the process of prototyping and testing it;
  • They will equip the structure of the sales speech for investors and customers for new businesses;
  • It defines, configures and develops an innovative business ecosystem;
  • They will generate personal motivation, mind construction, fit-to-the-purpose behaviors and practices.

We use ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved Innovation Coaching model, which was built based on the Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory and ImagineNation certification.

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