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Kinesia Training / Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

The research by Stanford psychologist Carol S. Dweck reveals that our belief in our own intellectual capacity is a major force determining the level of success we can reach in life.

According to a detailed research by Dweck, a person that has growth mindset– even if a 4-year-old – is unprejudiced against his/her potential and never gives up striving for development, and sees failures as signs to work more and learn new things. People who have a fixed mindset have unchanging beliefs and labels about their capacities and constantly strive to approve and confirm it; they see success as a sign of innate ability; they see failure as proof of their inadequacies; they cease to work on what they fail to do and they do not want it to be known or spoken.

It has been found in all experiments that people with growth mindset improve themselves more in each field and, consequently, become more successful, whereas people with fixed mindset cannot advance in life since they sabotage themselves. The good news is that every person can always reprogram herself to have a growth mindset.

All programs designed in Kinesia assume that individuals have a growth mindset. Kinesians create the atmosphere of trust that is always needed to feed this culture. You can benefit from our individual coaching and team programs to acquire a growth mindset.