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Kinesia Training / Agile Corporate Culture
Çevik (Agile) Kurum Kültürü

Agile Corporate Culture

In the Information Age we live, organizations around the world are struggling to adapt to increasingly turbulent economical, technological and commercial environment.

Leaders face with complex problems which don’t have a single answer. This new management system, which requires them to take decisions in this chaotic environment and to act swiftly, reshapes leadership styles and business competencies.

Although strategy and planning still play a major role in the business world, the most important leverage point for an organization is now the ability to improve the adaptation capacity. Many corporations respond to this turbulence by adopting “the agile approach” on product and service deliveries.

The agile approach acklowledges that the customer will not be able to identify their needs from the very beginning, and that their desires will form over time, while the classic way of doing business is to “look ahead” and plan every detail from the start. Therefore, the agile approach tries to understand the priorities and needs of customers quickly, instead of going through a lengthy analysis and design process. Unlike the classical method, analysis and design are performed in short cycles in order to improve functionality before each delivery box, rather than a single and long analysis period. Customer experience is the heart of business. In the agile approach, since the final product is customer feedback, the result is happy customers and a successful project.

On the other hand, agility in product and service delivery is unsatisfying. Agile teams are inevitably hampered by organizational constraints. Although new methods were developed at the scheduling level to scale agile applications, these systems overlook the wider corporate conditions that have the power to influence the success of agile processes positively or negatively. These wider conditions are the responsibility of management.

A holistic approach is required for institutions to achieve success in agile management. You can receive agile corporate consulting or innovation leadership packages from Kinesia to have agile corporation culture and leadership approach.