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Kinesia Training / Burcu Yularcı Gündüz

Burcu Yularcı Gündüz

After graduating from Boğaziçi University – English Language and Literature Department in 1999, she worked in the field of Human Resources in multinational companies operating in the finance, manufacturing and retail sectors for 13 years. She got her MBA in 2003 from İstanbul Bilgi University. In addition to her professional roles throughout her career, she shared her experiences on leadership, organizational structure, HR functions, talent management and communication in a variety of different trainings, events and activities.

At the beginning of 2012, she decided to leave A.S. Watson Group, where she was working as the Human Resources Director, to make a career change. At that point, she started her “coaching” education, which she was interested in for a long time. She received her ACTP certification by completing the 156-hour 5-module “Solution-Focused Coaching Training” at Erickson International, which is a Canada based coaching academy. She acquired her ACC (Associate Certified Coach) accreditation from ICF (International Coach Federation). Having an experience of 300 business coaching hours; she provides coaching at PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level.

In 2012, she established Burcu Yularci Consulting, which operated in the areas of HR Consulting, Corporate Training and Professional Coaching. During the same period, she started studying in professional acting. She received one year project training on top of 1 year-basic acting education at Semiha Berksoy Art Academy. She succeeded with the roles of “Antonia” in the Open Family (Dario Fo) and “The Woman” in the City for Singles (Behiç Ak), performing in front of the audience. Throughout this 2-year process and during the play rehearsals, she discovered that the skills which stage actors/actresses were trying to acquire were exactly the same as the competencies sought for strong leaders of the business world. However, actors/actresses were more advantageous as they were developing skills by using their body intelligence, unlike the unidimensional education style in institutional and academic environments.

She began designing corporate development programmes with professional actors/actresses to use the advantages of the theater and drama for learning in the business world. Over time, these design works evolved into solution packages tailored to the needs of business world which are later branded as SkillDrama®. Meanwhile, in 2014, she received one year training in Dialogue Narration and Communication Academy, supported by on-camera acting and dubbing education. She received a MEB (Ministry of Education) – approved professional acting certificate and graduated from there. In 2016, she started the Creative Drama Leadership Instructor Certificate Program at the Contemporary Drama Association in Istanbul.

When she started to take interest in the psychology of creativity in 2014-2015, she had the opportunity to get to know the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. During the same period, she completed her Innovation Coaching training program for entrepreneurs accredited by ICF in an Israeli school, and she became the first certified innovation coach in Turkey in 2013. Throughout her studies in the fields of acting and drama, she realized that the quickest way to develop mindsets and competencies for innovation was by “kinesthetic education”. Thus, Kinesia’s foundations were laid down.

In 2016, the firm began to carry out training and coaching activities under the Kinesia brand, which reflects the importance it attaches to kinesthetic (physical) training techniques.

Some of the trainings received by Burcu Yularcı are:

Coaching and Coaching-related Trainings:

  • Vivet Alevi, Non-Violence Communication Basic Training / 12 Hours / 2015
  • ImagineNation, Israel – The Coach for Innovators Certified Program ™ -CCE / 16 hours / 2014
  • Erickson Coaching Int’l. Solution Focused Coaching Modules 1-5 ACTP, PCC / 156 hours / 2012-2016
  • Balance Center & Soulonics- Integral Leadership: Spiral Dynamics / 2013/30 Hours
  • Erickson Coaching Int’l. High Performance Team Coaching / 2013/22 Hours
  • Physician’s Stress Mgt. Center, New Delhi – Lifestyle and Stress Management / 2006

Acting and Creative Drama:

  • CDD(Contemporary Drama Association), Creative Drama Leadership Certificate Program / 320 hours / 2016 – 2017
  • Dialog Narration Communication – Stage and Camera-Front Acting Education / 160 hours / 2014
  • Semiha Berksoy Art Academy – Performing Arts and Theater Actor / 320 hours / 2012 – 2014

HR and Other Trainings:

  • Saville Consulting, London – Analysis of Psychometric Measuring Instruments / 2012
  • Jack Phillips – Return on Investment (ROI) in Education – Measuring the Immeasurables / 2010
  • PDR – Effective Performance Assessment Skills / 2009
  • DBE – 16PF Personality Inventory Evaluator Training / 2008
  • TMI International – Training of Trainers / 2006 and 2013
  • TMI International – Personal Performance and Time Management / 2002
  • Various team building, communication, personal career management trainings at Visa International Istanbul, London, Athens, Munich, Paris offices / 2001-2004
  • Akhayat – Advanced Sales Techniques / 1999

Burcu Yularcı currently works as an instructor, consultant, mentor and coach on Leadership and Innovation competencies, Creative Team, Strategic HR, Balanced Scorecard and Entrepreneurship.

She is a member of BUMED (Boğaziçi University Alumni Association), ICF, EMCC and Istanbul Bilgi University Alumni Association. Some of her interests include psychology, creative thinking and art, trekking, stage acting, photography, Pilates, yoga and travel.