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Kinesia Training

is a kinesthetic (physical) training and coaching company for corporations.

Its aim is to ensure organizational success with training and coaching methods that mobilize body intelligence.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic (physical) learning is an active learning model that combines different ways of learning and utilizes body intelligence.

Growth Mindset

A person that has growth mindset – even a 4-year old – is unprejudiced against his/her potential and never gives up striving for development.

Multi-disciplinary Learning

In multi-disciplinary learning, many data and methods from other fields are used for an active and permanent learning experience.

Agile Corporation Culture

Customer’ experience is the heart of business. In agile approach, as the final product is generated by customer feedback, the result is happy customers and a successful project.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative thinking is a process that we can’t feel the absence if we don’t abandon our habits and break our shell.

Business Competencies

Competency is the total of mindsets, behaviors and attitudes that are needed to do a job with high performance. There are many ways to develop your Competencies with effective methods.


Kinesia Training

targets to achieve corporate success with the training and coaching methods that activate body intelligence.

Our Team


It is a learning method that turns the educational advantages of theater into suitable solution packages for the business world, and applies it for the development of business competencies.

Innovation Skills

Techniques used in Kinesia provide lasting benefits to the learning process of individuals and groups, especially those who are strategically ``innovating``.

Leadership Trainings

Leadership in the business world is a set of skills that we must perform on different stages every day.


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